House Lifting Services in Andhra Pradesh

House Lifting in Andhra Pradesh

House Lifting in Andhra Pradesh

House raising and building projects convert old-style single storey timber-framed houses into new, exciting and beautiful two-storey houses. The house raising project normally retains the original front wall as the new wall of the upper floor of the house. The lower floor wall may consist of entrance structures, porticoes and garages and the walls may be brick, block or wood.

Types of Home Services:

At JSBL, we tailor house lifting services in Andhra Pradesh to the needs of different customers. The following indicates the types of home building services we can provide:

Raising a home and restoring services is sometimes all that is needed for a livestock project, and we are happy to assist on this house lifting in Andhra Pradesh. At a later date, it is possible to build below.

House Lifting in Andhra Pradesh

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Sliding a house and put it back in place to take advantage of a subdivision or to put a second vacant lot on sale. You can also make the second lot available to build the new house of your dreams and to sell or rent the oldest house. Whichever way you decide to climb and slide your house. JSBL will be able to help you and advise you about house lifting in Andhra Pradesh.

Most often, we raise and refurbish older homes to give the family more space. This usually results in an increase in recovery and a complete under construction. Most of the projects are renovations in Andhra Pradesh that involve the construction of houses, extensions, carports, driveways and landscaping. This is the complete package for house lifting in Andhra Pradesh to transform your old house into its entire splendor and provide all the extra space you need.


1. Hassle-free service

With experience and the right equipment for house lifting services in Andhra Pradesh, it is relatively simple to climb, slide and reattach a house. We offer hassle-free service and are happy to refer you to a local merchant with whom we have already worked.

2. Fully licensed and insured

Our team for house lifting services in Andhra Pradesh is fully licensed and our skilled workers can ensure that your home will not suffer any damage during the lifting process. We take no risk and follow strict safety practices to ensure quality construction.

3. Satisfaction guaranteed

Our service for house lifting in Andhra Pradesh is 100% guaranteed. We will do our best to meet your requirements. You can raise your home a few inches or add a new story to your home. Raising your home by more than 2.4 meters, you have the opportunity to settle in a new basement or even in a garage.

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