House Lifting Services in Kolkata

House Lifting in Kolkata

House Lifting Services in Kolkata By JSBL

House lifting means the process of separating a building from its foundations. The building is lifted and supported by cribbing. Lifting the house can be done to create a second floor or to move the house into a new area. It's hard to raise houses, but when you tinker with your most valuable asset, you want to make sure you have a licensed builder on the job.

Reasons for lifting the house

Guests often raise their homes to create a second floor, which is useful for increasing the living space of the house, taking advantage of new views or protecting the house from floods and storm damage.With many years of reliable experience in the house stumping and levelling industry, we are proud to offer house lifting services in Kolkata West Bengal. This means that along with placement, leveling, ascent and descent, we also take care of soil testing, engineering designs and certification.

House Lifting Services in Kolkata

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Give a new life to your home with our complete and high-quality house lifting in Kolkata West Bengal today.

We raise your home on hydrolic jacks move it with our specialized floats, our fully steerable trailers, our flatbed trailers and our hydraulic lifting systems.

Building on our many years of experience, we place the house on sturdy foundations, with appropriate supports, to avoid any significant damage. Repointing is also beneficial to add more space to your house. We can install higher parking foundations - a technique known as ascent - to increase living space or parking. This is a highly desirable service for properties located in flood areas.

House lifting specialists in Kolkata

Our licensed team for house lifting services in Kolkata West Bengal provides excellent service so that everyone is happy with the final result. We love what we do and share a great passion and positivity in moving houses. Our commitment is to provide our customers with great results and to ensure they are fully satisfied with our service and affordable prices.

We are specialized in house lifting in Kolkata West Bengal from the road level and provide a complete solution to the customers according to their needs. Our services are completely safe and have highly qualified professionals to lift buildings with modern technologies. Before rendering this service, our experts develop specific plans and execute them in the best possible way. We can move the most difficult of houses. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with house lifting in Kolkata West Bengal and our customer service.

The cost of house lifting services in Kolkata West Bengal varies depending on the size of the house. If you have a project that you have thought of that requires a house lift, call us and we can give you some ideas.

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